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Selecting a Radio Controlled Model Sailboat

Select a Radio Controlled Model Sailboat - wikiHow
Select a Radio Controlled Model Sailboat

RC model sailboats are fun for all ages! You can choose your boat from among many alternatives. These range from prebuilt to designing and building your own. Factors to consider include your level of experience, where you plan to sail your boat, how competitive you want to be, and, of course, your budget. Whatever you decide you'll discover a great way to spend time outdoors with family and friends.


Rustic Model Boats

Rustic Model Boats - Welcome
The owner is Mike John. Many of you know him from the Duckworks online amateur boatbuilding magazine owned by Chuck and Sandra.  This site will help you find the information you need.

The site is about cruising model boats. Not the racing classes, but rather the sort that slowly meanders across a pond rather than race a course

John invites skippers to  gather and just have their boats
meandering around in a relaxed way at
Lake Macquarie, Australia.